Communication for Development Foundation Uganda (CDFU) has vast experience in radio programme development, scripting, production, broadcasting and monitoring of different radio programmes including radio drama (serial drama and magazine radio drama); radio spots and interactive talk shows. All our radio programmes are evidence-based and have evaluation results that show that the programmes have proven effective in influencing behaviour change through modelling rather than instruction. Listeners to the radio programs are closely linked to the toll – free Hotline 0800 200 600 for more information, counselling and referral on health and development issues.

With an in-house scripting team, CDFU produces and broadcasts the award winning weekly 30 minute radio serial drama called Rock Point 256 that started under the Young Empowered and Healthy (Y.E.A.H) initiative in 2005. Rock Point 256 is broadcast on 24 radio stations country wide in English, Luganda, 4Rs and Lwo, reaching over 2,500,000 young people every week. CDFU also produces Healthy Choices, a radio programme coupled with interpersonal communication to promote individual and social behaviour change. The 4 – year programme is supported by UNFPA. CDFU also produced Kaloke with funding from UNICEF under the Peace Building and Social Transformation project. On behalf of Pathfinder International, CDFU produced 52 episodes of Oteka, a radio serial drama focusing on gender and reproductive health issues of young people in Northern Uganda under their Gender Roles Equality and Transformation (GREAT) project.

Under the Community Resilience and Dialogue Project (CRD), CDFU was responsible for the production and broadcast of a radio serial drama programme <stong>Together We Stand from July 2003 to May 2005. The project was based in the conflict affected regions of Western Uganda, West Nile, Northern and North Eastern Uganda. CDFU conducted literature review and formative research to obtain detailed information on the current behaviour of the audience and actual services available; developed a comprehensive communication strategy for HIV/AIDS, psychosocial rehabilitation and conflict resolution. In addition, CDFU facilitated two Radio Design workshops that identified the issues to cover in the radio program. The Design Document prioritizes the topics, sequence of the programs and has a program outline. CDFU also identified script writers, oriented and coordinated the process of script writing for the radio drama series and managed the production process and broadcast. At the end of the project, CDFU conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of the radio programmes to the target audience.

CDFU managed the production and broadcast of All Our Children radio program series on behalf of the CORE Initiative program under the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD). CORE Initiative was at the forefront of nurturing a supportive policy and social environment for the support, care and protection of Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Uganda. To reach stakeholders at sub county and village level, the Ministry utilized an entertainment- education approach using a radio drama program to promote understanding and support for the national OVC policy and program plan. CDFU’s activities included scripting, managing the production process, production of a signature tune, production of radio spots and managing broadcast.