CDFU implements interventions in all regions of Uganda. We have established networks and partnerships with key Ministries, National and International Organizations, districts and Community Based Organizations country wide through implementation of different interventions. Some of the past and present partnerships/projects include:

Rock Point 256: Through its award winning radio serial that started in 2005, CDFU reaches over an estimated 6,000,000 Ugandans with key messages addressing a range of issues including HIV&AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, child health, Gender Based Violence, malaria and Governance. Based on research, the radio serial drama influences the actions of its listeners by modelling behaviour change through transitional characters. Rock Point 256 empowers youth in all regions of Uganda with skills to manage the different situations they are faced with.

Civic Education Project focusing on enhancing civic knowledge and skills of the youth countrywide in order to increase their participation in decisions that affect them. CDFU utilizes Rock Point 256 and community based civic education “platforms” (listening groups) to stimulate dialogue on democratic processes.